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Lot 2.7 | SPTS Omega fxP DSi Rapier 150/200MM + Claritas Plasma Etch System

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Auction Starts Wednesday, September 5, 2018 6:00:00 AM
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SPTS Omega fxP DSi Rapier 150/200mm + Claritas Plasma Etch System

System consisting of: fxP Wafer Transport Module, One DSi Rapier Process Module, Electronics Control Cabinet, Main System Chiller, 200mm Upgrade Kit.


Standard System features - 

  • 4-Color Alarm Tower
  • Windows Based Control Software
  • Bracket-Mounted High Resolution Color TFT Monitor with Keyboard
  • Thru Wall Panel
  • PC104 Control Architecture 
  • DeviceNet Control of Module Pendulum Valve, MFCs, Pneumatics, Fore-line Convectron, Thermocouples
  • 10m Free Cable to Electronics Rack
  • Electronics Cabinet
  • CE Compliant
  • SEMI-S2 Compliant
  • Two Sets of System Manuals on CD
  • 200mm Size Conversion Kit
  • Rear Control Station

fxP Transport Module -

  • 8-Port Wafer Transport Module
  • Brooks MagnaTran 7 Series Robot
  • Two Fixed Vacuum Cassettes
  • Dynamic Wafer Aligner
  • Windows Based Control Software

DSi Rapier Process Module - 

  • Bosch Process  Deep Si Module
  • Rapier Plasma Source
  • Module Envelope Contains all Process Control Hardware
  • PC104 Control Unit
  • AE Apex RF Generator (Primary Source)
  • AE Apex RF Generator (Secondary Source)
  • AE Apex RF Generator (bias) - HF
  • AE Apex RF Generator (bias) - LF
  • RF Bias Match
  • DC Coil Supply
  • Top Power Fixed Match
  • Heated VAT Pendulum Valve
  • Electro-Static Chuck, PSU & He Back-Pressure Control
  • Heated Lower Chamber, DSi Upper Chamber & Foreline
  • Extracted Surface Mount Gas Boxes (1x Primary, 2x Secondary)
  • Alcatel ATH2300MT Turbo Pump
  • Automated He Flow Endpoint
  • Turbo By-pass for Module Roughing
  • Chamber Capacitance Manometer (1.0 torr)
  • Foreline Mini-Capacitance Manometer
  • Wafer Edge Protection Ring
  • Perfluoroelastomer Seals

**The Tool is Crated (8 Crates) and Ready to Ship (Located in USA Warehouse) 

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